Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mary was ordained as an apostle by the Angel at the sepulcher.  Mary’s ordination and the message she carried were confirmed by Christ.  Mary was the first ordained apostle.  Christ called and chose Mary. He commissioned her and sent her with a special message.  This very special message brought about a sacred historical change--The Pentecostal Era!

The Creator has inaugurated a plan for each soul of which He predestined that His children must walk in.  When this concept has been impregnated deep within someone’s spirit and they are eager to please G-D and not their self-egos, then they will be able to recognize G-D’s servants, male and female.

No one should think that because they have not been elected to an office or within the Five-fold ministry that their ministry or purpose is not as important or that their call is not pertinent to the Body.  We all will be held culpable to fulfill the plan proposed for our lives and to execute it at the level of ability, which G-D has given.  Everyone’s purpose and function is consequential, imperative and necessary for the growth and orderly function of the Body; Divine Protocol and Order.  The Daughters of G-D have a special inherent mothering instinct of which G-D wants to use to build up the Body to nurture and protect His progeny.  How befitting for the Lord to break down the gender barrier with a message linked to His death, burial, and resurrection!  Are women to be bond or free?  What was Paul saying?  ©

"It is time that we begin to realize that G-D fashioned a species called man. From that man G-D made male and female. If by the unction of the Holy Spirit we preach, why are we judged as being women or men? Have we limited G-D so much that we don't believe that He can use whatever vessel He chooses? Whenever we question G-D's choice of a vessel, are not we really questioning G-D's ability to make a good decision? If women can be trusted as makers of the home, why can not they also be builders of the Kingdom of G-D?" --  Evangelist Cathy Petterson
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